• What is Ruko Care Refresh ?

    Ruko Care Refresh is an after-sales service plan launched by Ruko, which provides you with efficient, flexible, and optional accidental damage protection solutions, allowing you to enjoy your Ruko drone with greater service.

  • Under what conditions can I purchase Ruko Care Refresh? 

    As long as you have the Ruko drone.

  • Where is Ruko Care Refresh available?

    Ruko Care Refresh is only available to customers in the US now, 

  • How do I purchase Ruko Care Refresh?

    1. Purchase Ruko Care Refresh at Ruko Online Store;

    2. Go to Ruko Online Store - Ruko Care Refresh - choose related series you need.

  • How long is the coverage period of Ruko Care Refresh, and how can the effective time be calculated?

    The validity period of the replacement service and Exclusive Repair Discounts Service provided by Ruko Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) will be calculated from 0:00 on the date when you place insurance order, and the validity period is 12 months.

  • Does Ruko Care Refresh support international coverage?

    Currently, it is not supported now.

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