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Ruko Care Refresh 1-Year Plan U11PRO - RuKo

Ruko Care Refresh 1-Year Plan




Ruko provides two replacement opportunity with a small additional charge in one year and covers a wide range of accidents. An additional third-party liability insurance guarantee your flight. Click here to read more.

1.Ruko products that meet any of the following conditions can purchase Ruko Care Refresh:

· As long as you have the Ruko drone.

2. Ruko Care Refresh can only be used in the country or region selected when purchasing this service. To guarantee your benefits, purchase the Ruko Care Refresh version you purchase must be in the same region as the Ruko product was purchased in.


This item will not ship and is not refundable. If you want to activate the service, please contact customer service as soon as possible.(service@rukotoy.com)

If the order does not match the description above, customer service will contact you for a refund.

This product can only use PayPal, we will contact you if not pay by paypal.