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Ruko F11Gim Drones with Camera for Adults, 2-Axis Gimbal 4K EIS Camera, 2 Batteries 56Mins Flight Time,Brushless Motor, 5GHz FPV Transmission

by RuKo
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About this item

  • 4K Camera with Mechanical Gimbal plus EIS: The 4K camera with 2-Axis gimbal stabilization plus the EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) technology reduce blurriness at the maximum, provides you incredible clear and stable video and picture quality; pictures are taken with 4K(3840 x 2160); Videos recorded with 4K@30fps; besides, camera zoom function can provide you more detail.
  • Double Flight Time:The package came with two intelligent batteries, each can provide a max 28mins and total up to 56mins flight time; 5G FPV transmission distance can achieve 1900-3900ft; remote control range is as long as 4900ft.
  • Easy to Fly: The advanced fly app offers a simple and intuitive user experience, enabling you to start your flight adventure with few steps, and create the incredible smooth footage only with few taps.
  • Powerful yet Safe: The drone's brushless motors provide a more quiet but powerful flight while in the air, fly speed can up to 15m/s; GPS Auto-Return Home function guarantee you a safe flight; GPS positioning and air pressure altitude control system create stable flight.
  • Intelligent Flight Features:GPS assisted features such as Waypoint flight, GPS follow me, Point of Interest flight allow you to enjoy the creative fun of flight; fly app offers comprehensive fun features, you can share your adventure with just one tap! Start a fun adventure.

Ruko F11 Gim Drone Specification

Weight:20.6 OZ

Max Flight time:28 Mins (Charging Time: about 4.5hours)

Dimension:6.9*4.1*3.15 IN (Folding)/17.71*15.94*3.15 IN (Unfolding)

Camera:4K camera with 2-axis gimbal (Adjusted angle -80°+0°)

Photo Resolution:4K(3840 x 2160) stored in TF card

Video:4K at 30fps stored in TF card

Max Control Range:4921ft

Max FPV Transmission Range:1900-3900ft(Depends on mobile device and environment)

Max Supported TF Card:128GB (not included)

Max Height:393ft

High-Quality Image and Video

With the gimbal stabilization, the 4K camera can provide you ultra-clear, super-smooth footage of your adventures.

Optimized Shooting Effect

The upgraded 4K camera remove the fisheye effect; the 5times zoom capability allows you to capture the detail of the beauty while flying.

WayPoint Flight

The GPS-assisted feature like Waypoint flight explores your creative fun time with the drone.

Easy to Fly

The new fly app offers a simple and intuitive user experience, it also includes clear guidance for you to start the game quickly even for a beginner.

Smooth 5GHz FPV Transmission

Even fly as far as 1900ft, you are still able to enjoy the stabilized and clear smooth real-time view transmission by the drone.

Point of Interest

The GPS-assisted feature like Point of Interest allows you to create fun of fly, find the beauty of the nature in every aspect.

Intelligent Flight Mode

The intelligent air pressure system and GPS positioning function enables the drone to hover stably, the intelligent design ensures you a stable flight.

Easy to track your drone

The position of the drone will be recorded and appear on the map of the app. You could easily track and find the drone by following the app map.

Convenient to Carry

The foldable and flexible design of the drone and the porcelain case come with the package allows you to carry it to where you want to, enjoy your adventure anywhere and anytime.

What you get:

1 x Ruko F11 Gim Drone
2 x 11.1V 2500mAH Batteries(1 in the drone and 1 in the case)
1 x Carrying Shell Case
1 x Transmitter
1 x User Manual
2 x USB Cable
1 x Allen wrench
4 x Propeller Blades
12 x Screw

Compatible Phone: support Dual-Band WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz).
Ruko Drone app required device Operating System: IOS v9.0, Android v5.0 or above.
Compatible charger: currency output 5V≥3A, never overcharge.
To get the best resolution, we suggest inserting the TF card on the drone to store the picture and video.
The Federal Aviation Administration requires registration for this drone to fly in the US.

U11 Pro U11 F11 Pro F11 F11 GIM2 F11 GIM


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9.81 oz

9.52 oz

18.34 oz

18.34 oz

20.6 oz

20.6 oz


5.9*3.94*2.36 (Folding)

5.9*3.94*2.36 (Folding)

6.93x4.13x3.14 (Folding)

6.9*4.1*3.15 (Folding)

6.93*4.13*3.14 (Folding)

6.93*4.13*3.14 (Folding)


4k photo & 2k video

4K photo & 2k video

4k photo & 2.9k video

4k photo & 2k video

4k photo & 4k video

4k photo & 4k video

Max control range







Max WiFi range







Max battery life







TF Card

32GB(Not included)

32GB(Not included)

32GB(Not included)

32GB(Not included)

128GB (Not included)

128GB (Not included)

At 200 feet high, Approximately how far can you fly this drone away from you?

In the app you can set range an altitude limits. The drone comes set up with the beginner limits turned on. Approximately 30m out and 30m high. The drone can be flown farther than you are able to see it visually. Not a good idea though. If you are in the US, you are not supposed to fly the drone higher than 400 feet above the ground. About 122 meters.

If you set waypoints, will this drone fly further than the wifi reaches and then return?

No, under GPS mode and waypoint flight mode, the drone can only fly within the area of setting.

Is this a Sony camera?

This drone is not bad. Pictures and video are good, not great but pretty good with decent color. Not real sharp but ok. Video 1080P like most of this level of camera drone but pics are up to 4K. The drone is Very expensive here though. On Ali it can be 150 cheaper though. A 3 axis gimbal is ALWAYS MUCH BETTER but the 2 axis one with the EIS together is pretty dam good though. For this kind of money you can get a Hubsan Zino Pro Plus + from the manufacturer which BLOWS THIS DRONE AWAY AND SOME!!! 4K video much longer flight (8 kilometers vs. 1.2} and a TON more functions etc.. Just saying. You can get 2 SG906 MAX for the price of 1 of this and be even better off, times 2. Really! Good luck all. JMHO and I own all of the drones mentioned! Oh ya, and I a cheap skate (frugal just doesn't quite fit).

Up to what wind conditions can you fly in ?

Level 7 witch is pretty good for small drone
I have flown in 20-25mph awesome

Does the remote tell you elevation

The remote won't tell the height of the drone, but the app will tell the flight height and distance.

Can I buy dji refresh with this package?

I dont think so