Introducing Ruko R111 Remote ID Module: Enhancing Drone Safety and Compliance

Introducing Ruko R111 Remote ID Module: Enhancing Drone Safety and Compliance

As mentioned in our previous article Drone Regulations in the USA, according to the FAA requirement, operaing a drone which weighs more than 250g is required to have a Remote ID Broadcast Module attached, which broadcasts identification and location information about the drone.

Among many remote ID modules on the current market, the Ruko R111 remote ID module stands out with its unmatched features. In this article, let’s have a comprehensive understanding of the Ruko R111 RID module.

1. Reasonable Price

Most attached modules on the current market are overpriced, to improve this situation, the current retail price of Ruko module is set at $59.99 which is lower than most RID modules on the market.

2. Longer Battery Life, Shorter Charging Time

The Ruko R111 module’s battery is up to at least 5 hours, while its fully charging time only needs 40 minutes.

3. Compatible for More Models

The R111 RID module isn't limited to Ruko drones, it's also compatible with aircraft from other brands. No matter for drones, FPVs, fixed-wing model aircrafts or other aircrafts, the Ruko RID module can be perfectly fit with its multiple installation methods.

4. Easy Installation

Some users have concerns about the complicate installation of modules. With the Ruko modules, you have no worries on this anymore. There are different easy ways of installing the attached modules using the complimentary velcros and plastic cable ties.

You could simply attach one Velcro to the RID modules, then attach the other Velcro to the drone, then you get to attached the RID module to the drone. Alternatively, you could also use the plastic cable ties to simply tie the modules to the aircraft body.

5. Locate Drones

Drone loss is a nightmare for most drone pilots, when scenarios like signal lost, drone crash, etc happen, it is surely difficult to find the drone back. The Ruko RID module comes with an APP that has a built-in map that can display the flight trajectory and get the lost location of the drone, so that you can narrow down the search range when looking for the drone. Combined with the buzzer of the RID module, the specific location of the drone can be accurately located.

6. Ultra Light Weight

Most attached RID modules are heavy and may affect the flight time of the drone, the Ruko module only weights 13.5g which makes it have less effect on the drone’s battery performance. Additionally, the Ruko RID module’s small size feature reduces the wind resistance, which lessens the impacts of attached modules on drones’ flight performance and provides more options for installation locations.

7. Comprehensive Lighting Reminders

The Ruko RID module has three indicator lights include the charging indicator, working indicator and setting indicator. The flashing and color of each indicator light represents a specific meaning, allowing you to know about the module’s current status of battery, working, and setting at any time.

8. Simple Binding Process

The Ruko RID modules’ binding process is super simple with the Ruko Scanner app. Simply first find the serial number on the module and register it on the FAA website to get a FAA registration number. Next hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on then hold the settings switch for 3 seconds to enter the setting steps. Lastly turn on your phone's Bluetooth and enter the app’s device setting to fill in the required info, tap save and hold the power switch to restart the RID module.

To Sum up

To enhance drone safety and compliance, the RID module is becoming a must when we fly drones. Among many options on the market, the Ruko R111 module stands out due to its advantages mentioned above. The exceptional 7/24 Ruko customer service also let you have no worries about the after-sale service and ensure your flight experience smooth and wonderful.

Shop now and make your flight journey more secured and FAA compliant like never before!


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