What Benefits Can Learning About Drones Bring to Teenagers?

What Benefits Can Learning About Drones Bring to Teenagers?

As drones become increasing popular nowadays, many parents start to introduce drone flying to their kids. Drone flying at a young age is a fantastic method for them to acquire experience and boost their brains. Additionally, it's a great approach to foster problem-solving skills, innovation, curiosity, imagination, exploration, and adventure. Let's explore in-depth the advantages of drone flying for kids.

1. Stimulate Interest in Science and Technology
Children can enhance their interest in science and technology by flying drones and trying to figure out how drones are made. It plays an important role in guiding and cultivating children's interests in technology, allowing them to understand and feel the connection between various phenomena and knowledge in scientific practice, inspiring thinking about various scientific knowledge.

2. Practice Your Hand-Eye-Brain Coordination
Hand-eye-brain coordination can be effectively and enjoyable enhanced by drone flight. This exercise stimulates the brain and improves hand-eye coordination by pushing you to maneuver past obstacles and make quick decisions. Regular drone practice improves confidence, coordination, and cognitive skills while posing a growing challenge.

3. Adaptability and Problem-Solving Ability
Flying drones makes children feel like a real pilot, calmly respond to various accidents and difficulties that may occur at any time during the practical drone flight, cultivate their habits and abilities to calmly judge and deal with emergency problems.

4. Drones Fit into All Sorts of Subjects
Drone applications in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields and associated fields of study are our main areas of interest. This is partly because many of the current problems facing the world will eventually call for the skills of a large and diversified STEM workforce.However, drones are not just for STEM fields. Photography is an obvious choice and the technology here is becoming better and more affordable every year. Drones can also be used in humanities subjects. For instance, how drones can be used to collect and communicate information in the news. Conversations also need to be had about the ethics around drone usage.

5. Flying Drones Instills Confidence
We mentioned that often confidence is the missing piece of the drone flying puzzle. The great thing about using drones, particularly microdrones, is that they are very student-friendly. Very easy to use = quick confidence growth. Especially when girls start to enter their teen years, they often experience self-consciousness and self-doubt about using technology. We can instruct them to use drones to help combat that, explain how drones work, give reassurance, and a decent safety briefing. Let them know that they will probably crash and that’s totally ok.

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