Brand overview

  • Ruko is a high-tech smart toy brand.
  • Ruko pursuits of high product quality and user experience constantly.
  • Ruko is committed to providing intelligent drones and high-end smart toys to every middle class family.
  • Ruko fulfills the concept of smart technology life more interesting and conveys the values of happy life.

Product definition

  • Product impression:
    Superior appearance, great fun, smart intelligence, high quality, considerate service.
  • Three product series:
    The first stage
    Drones, Toy Robots, RC Cars
  • Target price range:
    Phase 1: $100 - $600

Slogan: Stage 1

  • Brand Slogan: Every Day with You
    Ruko has always been a member of middle-class families in North America to enjoy happy and interesting days, which conveys the values of happy life.
  • Drones Slogan: Eye in the Sky
    Instead of cell phones and cameras, the value of drones is aerial photography.They can take pictures of all kinds of scenery high in the sky and far away to keep memorable photos and help for broad vision.This records cozy and happy family lifetime like bright eyes in the sky.
  • RC cars slogan: Time to get wild
    Ruko RC cars have different characteristics
    Many social media and video sites in the United States have videos of toy cars.
    Customers seek faster, stronger off-road performance, more violent playing methods,
    The next Ruko toy cars will focus on fast cars and will be more professional,faster, stronger, more violent,this will go crazy with millions of fans.

Brand logo and color system

  • LOGO design should be thick for a sense of thickness
    In order to present the brand of high quality, great safety, stable impression
  • Color for the logo
    Normally it is tech blue and white
  • Color system:
    Main color: technology blue
    Auxiliary colors: gold, silver gray, black