Veeniix V991 Transform Remote Control Car
Transform Remote Control Car
Transforming Remote Control Car
Transform RC Car
Veeniix V991 car with remote control
Veeniix V991 Transform Remote Control Car Gift
Veeniix V991 Transform remote controlled car

Veeniix V991 Transform Remote Control Car


• Seamless Transition Between Car and Robot
• One-Key Deformation
• Gesture Sensing
• Automatic Demonstrations
• 2 Batteries for 70mins Extended Adventures
• Enhanced Interactivity

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Veeniix V991 remote control car
Veeniix V991 remote control cars
Veeniix V991 car remote control
Veeniix V991 remote controlled cars
Veeniix V991 control remote car
Veeniix V991 remote control ride on car

Warm Tips

Usage Tips: V991 is not suitable for off-road use, complex terrain, fluffy carpet, as this may affect its performance. Indoor flat carpet use will increase friction and slow down the speed of driving, it is recommended to use on level ground.
Gentle Handling: Avoid rough use or dropping it from heights. While transform cars are designed for play, gentle handling can extend their lifespan.
Cool-Down Period: After prolonged use, allow your transform car to cool down before recharging or playing again. This prevents overheating and extends battery life.
Abnormal Deformation: When the car is stuck during deformation or cannot be deformed, please check whether there is little obstacles stuck in the shell. If it still cannot be solved, please contact after-sales service for video or help.
Automatic Shutdown: Standby for 3 minutes without instructions will automatically shut down, it need to turn on again to rouse the car. When the battery run out, it will automatically shut down in the current form.
Car Drive: V991 is rear-wheel drive with universal wheels. Please note that the front wheels are decorative only. The rear wheel drive has good starting acceleration performance, high comfort, good handling and easy maintenance, and the additional universal wheel makes steering more flexible and relieves the pressure on the vehicle.
Daily Maintenance: After every use, check for cleanliness and remove any debris. When storing, remove the battery from the car and keep both car and battery in a safe and dry place to ensure their longevity. Use anti-rust oil every three months to maintain peak performance.
Customer Support: Always refer to the user manual for specific use and maintenance instructions. If you encounter any issues or have questions about your transform car, don't hesitate to reach out to the customer support. We can provide guidance and assistance to ensure your car keeps performing as expected.