Why are brushless motors so popular in drones?

Why are brushless motors so popular in drones?

Brushless motor has contributed a great deal towards the popularity of drones today. Drone companies revolutionized their work by replacing brushed motors with brushless ones, offering multiple benefits. In this article, we will find out the reasons as to why brushless motors are common in drones.

1. Improve efficiency and power

The operation of brushless motors causes less friction compared to brushed ones due to the lack of brushes, thereby making them generate minimal heat and more efficient. With increased power transmission from the brushless motor to propellers, the drone becomes quicker and easier to work with.

2. Longer life span and durability

Unlike brushed motors, brushless motors are free from frictional losses, which accounts for the extended operating life span. For this reason, brushless motos are more dependable as well as cost-effective in the long-term with no necessary replacement or repair costs.

3. Precise control and stability

Moreover, brushless motors enable fast direction of rotational speed and answer correctly for the commands sent by the flight controller. It makes it possible for the drone to hover much steadier, to perform accurate turns, and to fly stably under even complicated wind conditions.

4. Run quieter

Due to brushless motors’ smooth operation and less vibrates, drones with brushless motors are much quieter and thus become viable options for wildlife monitoring or surveillance cases where lower noise levels are desired.


In summary, we can explain the popularity of brushless motors in drones by their enhanced performance, more power, stability, greater control accuracy, and low sound levels. The benefits have revolutionized the drone industry resulting in the development of quicker, better, as well as multi-dimensional uses. Brushless motor will continue playing an important role in the technological development of drones that is still going on. This technology will pave way for more application domains of drones.

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