How to Take Crisp Photos with a Drone

How to Take Crisp Photos with a Drone

As drones have become increasingly popular in photographing, some users wonder how to use drones to capture crisper images. Let's find out in this article.

1. Select the Appropriate Drone
Pick a drone like the Ruko F11 GIM2 that has a solid flight capability and a high-resolution camera. More details may be captured in clearer pictures with a higher resolution camera, while steady flying capabilities prevent image blur from resulting from vibrations during flight. Gimbal-equipped drones may significantly increase the video picture steadiness.

2. Set the Camera to Its Best Condition
Cleaning the lens before you use. To guarantee the greatest image quality when using, you may adjust relevant parameters including white balance, exposure, focus, and ISO.

3. Weather Conditions
It’s suggested to fly and do aerial photography on a sunny day which provides good lighting. Image quality may be affected under overcast conditions. Steer clear of flying during high winds or other erratic weather.

4. Maintain a Steady Flight
Gyro calibration should be finished before the flight. Try to maintain the drone's stability when you are going to shoot.

5. Post-Processing
The quality of your pictures can be enhanced by some post-processing actions, such as cropping, modifying exposure, etc.

6. Shooting Angle
When capturing pictures for people, it is recommended to fly three to five meters away and to tilt the subject 45 degrees. Additionally, it's advised to aim your camera toward the light while photographing people or landscapes.

7. Image Saving Path
The pixels of the images and videos taken by some drones saved in mobile phones and SD cards are different. Taking the F11GIM2 drone as an example, the resolution of the videos saved on SD is higher, reaching 3840x2160@30fps.

To Sum Up
For capturing crisper and more breathtaking pictures, we recommend trying the tips provided above for your reference.
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