Introducing Veeniix’s flagship Model: Veeniix V11 Drone

Introducing Veeniix’s flagship Model: Veeniix V11 Drone

As the flagship model of the Veeniix brand, the V11 drone has many standout features. In this article, Let’s have a deep look into this model.


Enhanced Safety


1. Built-in Remote ID: Enhanced Safety Compliance

The V11 drones are equipped with a built-in remote ID module. As we know, starting from March 16, 2024, a drone that weighs≥250g needs to be FAA-verified with a remote ID module. Most remote ID modules are attached to the external of the drone body and they are generally overpriced. With the V11’s built-in RID, you have no worries about the attached module falling off, the complicated installation process, or the overly high price.


2. Return to Home: Fly with Confidence

The V11 drone can automatically return to its take-off point simply with a press of the “RTH” button or in case of a low battery level or lost controller signal, ensuring your drone is never lost.


Advanced Features


1. Ultrasonic and Optical Flow Sensors: Enjoy Flawless Flight

With the Ultrasonic and Optical Flow Sensor, the V11 drone can more steadily hover at a particular height and maintain a position without relying only on GPS, ensuring a smoother and more stable flying experience.


2. Smart GPS: Fly with More Fun

The V11 drone’s GPS Follow functions enable the drone to track your movement and automatically follow you, for example, we can use this function to record moments of running in a park with the family. You can also choose a point of interest like your house's rooftop and the drone will fly in a circle with that point as the center. Additionally, you can plan and customize the flight routes in advance by marking the beautiful scenery points that you want to explore, the drone will automatically fly along designated paths then.


3. 4K Camera with 2-Axis Gimbal and EIS: Capture Every Moment with Precision

With the 4K Ultra-HD camera paired with a 2-axis gimbal and EIS, the V11 ensures that every shot is captured with clarity and stability. Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur to record your life, the V11 drone’s excellent camera capabilities will surely meet your satisfaction.


4. 9800ft Digital Image Transmission: Enhanced Clarity and Control Range

The V11 drone offers 9800ft real-time video transmission, allowing users to enjoy the beauty from a great distance. The V11 drone comes with a digital image transmission controller which provides a more secure, stable, and convenient transmission connection compared to a Wi-Fi controller, reducing the risk of signal interference and display lag, ensuring smoother flight maneuvers.


5.Leve-6 Wind Resistance: Superior Stability and Control

Capturing stunning aerial pictures outdoors can be difficult sometimes, especially in windy conditions. However, this obstacle is addressed with the V11 drone’s excellent wind resistance capabilities. With the level-6 wind resistance, you get to capture stunning moments with enhanced stability and control.


Apart from the features mentioned above, the V11 drone is also equipped with an auxiliary light which makes it shine in the night sky. The V11 drone also has a reliable battery life lasting 70 minutes using two batteries. Additionally, Veeniix users can start a conversation with our customer service team at any time simply by using our drone apps or dialing our hotline, which ensures you have no worries about the after-sales service.

If you are looking for a high-quality and easy-to-fly drone, the Veeniix 11 drone would be your best choice! Shop now and embark on your aerial journey like never before.


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