Can Drones Fly Inside Your House?

Can drones see inside your house? - RuKo

Drones have been put firmly into the spotlight with recent news reports about events happening across the world. The usage of drones in surveillance and even targeted striking behind enemy lines placed the technology and the capability of drones in the spotlight and, as a result,  many questions were raised about drones and their capabilities. One such question was “Can drones see inside your house?” 

Drones have been used for several decades in military and research missions. Their technology has advanced so much that they have various capabilities. Today, almost anyone can afford a high tech drone with a variety of options. But as much as they have advantages, they also has their disadvantages if they find themselves in wrong hands. Nowadays, people often use drones for personal purposes, thus flying over someone else’s property, and this raises the question of privacy.



So Can drones See Inside Your House? No, drones that are available today on the market do not have the ability to see inside your house unless they approach your window and record what they can see through the window. However, the military has developed drones with thermal cameras that have the ability to see through walls.

If the walls of your house are made entirely of glass, then it would be easy for a consumer grade video camera (GoPro?) to hover outside and look within; just like someone standing outside your window can see in. If at night and the lights are off, the video camera would need to be sensitive to low light to be able to ‘see’ inside your glass house. If you have thick curtains drawn across all the windows, ten the drone would need to be equipped with an infrared (IR) camera to see beyond the obstructions you put up.

are made of light composite materials reducing their weight and increasing its maneuverability. Drones range in size, capability and performance in accordance with the difference in cost. They range from entry-level toys right up to the most sophisticated machines employing the latest available technology. It is important to realize that the ordinary person will generally only encounter drones which are used as toys, or leisure purposes like racing, photography or in a commercial situation, like construction or farming.

It is highly unlikely for a drone to be able to take a recording of what is inside your home without being detected because of the following:  The drone must be positioned right outside a window, the glare and the props rotating would cause reflections that would make it very difficult to recognize any image recorded. The noise of the rotating props would make detection easy. The most logical answer would be, No drones can’t see inside your house.


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