Ruko’s new released F11MINI drone, provides a 60-mins flight time, is less than 249 g, great choice for beginners and teenagers

Ruko’s new released F11MINI drone, provides a 60-mins flight time, is less than 249 g, great choice for beginners and teenagers - RuKo

Ruko is a technology innovation company. In 2005, entered the intelligent electronics industry and has been developing products since then. Ruko has 17 years of experience in this field and is focusing on developing Ruko drones and intelligent robots.

On August 5, 2022, Ruko launched a new, cutting-edge product called F11MINI drone.

The drone is equipped with a 4K mini camera and weighs less than 249 grams, making it ideal for flight in U.S. airspace without FAA registration.

It is powered by two batteries, has a maximum flight time of 60 minutes and extremely easy to operate. F11 MINI is safe, durable and stable to fly. With this product we are targeting the beginner and youth market.

It comes with a new, slick design and quite a few structural updates:

- The camera has been equipped with a protective cover to avoid damage during flight.

- Wind blades have been extended by 1 cm without changing the weight. The thicker and larger blades provide better flight performance and durability.

- The arm material has been made more durable, by adding 1 cm to its width.

- Increased propeller thickness and width provides greater power for fast, ultra-stable takeoffs in seconds.

Moreover, they have changed the design of motor dust screen by adding an aluminum screen that better prevents sand and dust from entering and damaging the click.

-In addition to the above-mentioned updates, F11MINI is equipped with 2K real-time graphic transmission function and level-4 wind resistance without sacrificing the weight. These features make it easy to achieve flexible steering.

Ruko’s ACE drone - F11GIM2

This compact camera drone from Ruko takes 4K videos and breathtaking photos with the help of its 2-axis gimbal + EIS electronic stabilization.

Its GPS function allows the drone to follow you or/and ensure its return to you after the flight.

The F11GIM2 offers a total flight time of 28 minutes on a full charge. Configured with an extra battery, the F11GIM2 can provide a total endurance of close to 60 minutes—the ultimate endurance for an inexpensive drone. Its larger body is more resistant to wind and provides stable flight.

The RUKO APP with a user-friendly operating interface, exquisite and classic design, coupled with professional and thoughtful customer service, has won the recognition of many customers.

Mr. Luo, a drone enthusiast, born in the 70s, entered the intelligent electronics industry in 2005 and is a senior expert with 17 years of industry experience.

Mr. Luo is a passionate consumer of all forms of entertainment and smart electronic products. His ability to understand customers' needs and motivations has led him to become an essential part of Ruko company. He is well-versed in identifying purchase pain points of the products.

He is also an active thinker and persistent innovator, being bold in his imaginations and careful in his verification of new product ideas. He continues to pursue the ultimate goal of developing the products that bring customers a better experience in function, use, and service.

 “We are committed to providing high-quality, engaging products with technology charm that delight our customers and help them have a more fulfilling family life. Our goal is for RUKO to become a household name throughout Europe and the United States, as it integrates into family entertainment life allowing them to shares the fun of intelligence together. This is my dream.”

“We cherish every user's voice. They drive us to be better and to make better products. Users' needs are Ruko's persistent pursuit and we hope we will have their support.”

In September 2019, Ruko sold our first drone in North America.

In May 2020, Ruko started selling their first smart robot.

In just 2 years, they became a top 3 brand for drones and a leading brand for robots in North America.

They are on track to exceed tens of millions of dollars in sales in 2022, with hundreds of thousands of users.

This large sales growth comes from regional recognition, strict quality control, attentive customer service, eye-catching product design, and thoughtful and practical product feature upgrades.

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