The Ultimate Guide: Maintaining Your Remote Control Car

The Ultimate Guide: Maintaining Your Remote Control Car

Remote Control Cars are loved by players of all ages, but many players ignore the importance of remote control car maintenance. How to maintain RC remote control car? Let’s find out together below.

Check Carefully

Before we start to use the RC cars, it is important to check if all the critical parts or screws are tightened, so that further damage can be prevented. If not, we should recalibrate them immediately.

Clean in Time

After driving in sand, dust, or wading areas, the car body and tires may be filled with sand, mud, or water. If the car is not cleaned in time and simply stored away, the lifespan of the RC cars will be shortened and the parts will be prone to serious wear and tear.

Maintain the Batteries

1. The remote control car should be charged in accordance with the instruction manual's list of required charging equipment. For charging the V991 and 1601AMP batteries, please use a 5V=2A USB charger. Do not use batteries and charging cords that are not original. Also, please refrain from overcharging, once it has reached full charge, please remove the charger.
2. To assist prolong the battery's life while stored for an extended period of time, it is advised to charge and discharge the RC cars on a regular basis once per month.
3. In order to prevent leaking and corrosion of the interface, please do not put a 1.5V AAA or 1.5V AA external battery inside the remote control for a long period of time.

Storage Suggestions

1. It is advised to wipe or blow dry the item right away, and keep it in a dry, well-ventilated space after using it in a pool, an area with standing water, on a wet day, or in a humid setting. Stop moisture from causing the interior metal of the RC cars to corrode.
2. Take out the battery and store it separately while not in use.
3. To prolong the battery's life when storing a RC car for a long period of time, it is advised to charge and discharge the RC cars on a monthly basis.

By following these maintenance tips above, you can enjoy your RC cars’ performance and fun for a longer time.